MP3 History

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Article on the history of mp3, written by Christopher Jones on 27 Jul 2000 and originally appeared on Lycos Webmonkey (no longer viewable)

Behind the Music: The History of MP3

MP3, an obscure compression format that has the music industry shaking in its gold-studded boots, is surely one of the Web's most unlikely heroes.

MP3 is short for Moving Picture Experts Group, Audio Layer III, and is a compression format that shrinks audio files with only a small sacrifice in sound quality. MP3 files can be compressed at different ...

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A Brief Summary of the MP3 Scene

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This article gives a brief summary of the history and origins of the mp3 scene. Some of the below adapted from an article written by Netfrack of CDA

Prior to MP3, a music warez scene would have been prohibitive due to the filesizes of uncompressed WAVs coupled with the slow connection speeds at the time. The MP3 codec had been in development for several years and the first (command line) mp3 encoder, L3enc, was released in 1993, with the first MP3 software player, WinPlay3, arriving in 1995. An article written ...

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History of MP3 by GenocideX

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This 5 part article was first published in 1998, and appears below incomplete; parts 3, 4 & 5 are missing. It originally appeared on dmusic.com though no longer exists on their servers. Written by GenocideX, a former DMA member

(Special Thanks: Blex [for the timeline idea], Stewart Addison [for her major clarification], Viper or Vyper.. For the first mp3 search)

(Thank You for this Article: Aqua_61 of #CDA for group info)

From humble beginnings with a program known as DA2WAV, the Mpeg-3 audio scene has grown to unlimited proportions and ...

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NFO Wars Vol. 1: RNS vs aPC

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NFO wars - feuds between groups, played out in NFO files - have existed since the early days of the scene, but became popular in the mp3 scene with the rise of pre-releases which heightened competition between groups.

One of the most famous feuds was between the groups RNS and aPC (and later EGO), from 1998 to 1999, and in this feature we've collected some of the best disputes, displayed in chronological order.

1999-02-19 - Eminem-The_Slim_Shady_LP-1999-Hydro-aPC

Ok well who else would you trust to rip the biggest most wanted album of this ...

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