VIP Scheme

The success of this site is dependent on user submissions, and our VIP scheme aims to reward contributors of particularly hard-to-find files.

Benefits of being a VIP

  • Your own login to mp3scene, which unlocks new areas of the site closed to the public. We won't spoil what these are but they are extensive and have previously been staff-only (no illegal content however).
  • Access to the mp3scene wiki. This has also previously been staff-only and includes more detailed records, lists and other miscellaneous files that haven't found their way onto the public site.
  • Permanent voice in #mp3scene

Very very VIP's

For contributors of particularly elusive files we are offering the above and in addition early access to a new mp3 scene related project, which may never become public.

Currently, this means finding legitimate nfo files for the following groups:

  • HNA
  • Reformation
  • CEA
  • mp3sdc
  • CEA
  • Dream
  • iRS
  • AURA
  • Society of Delinquentz

How to become a VIP

Below is a link to our current 'wanted' list. Contributing any files that appear on the list will result in being awarded VIP status. We also regularly award VIP status to those that contribute files which aren't on the list but are deemed of significant value, so don't hesitate to contact us if you're not sure.

We are also interested in saved dupe records from the original mp3known database (used by several dupecheck systems such as Subway). This means dupe records for releases dated 1998 and earlier, and those with dates of 0000-00-00.

Interested in contributing and becoming a VIP?

See what we need