1. Rabid Neurosis (RNS) formed by BonethuG and N0fX, though their first scene release would be several months later.

  2. Compress Da Audio (CDA) is founded by Netfrack.

  3. The first-known mp3 scene rip - 'Until It Sleeps' by Metallica - is released by CDA.

  4. Following the lead from CDA, Digital Audio Crew arrives less then 3 weeks after CDA's initial formation.

  5. CDA resurrected by Sledge and Black Cipher.

  6. Apocalypse Production Crew founded by Viper and acid^rain.

  7. Underground Music Alliance (UMA) formed by EXxTANT and NAiLeR, specialising in live recordings/bootlegs.

  8. Addicted to Music (ATM) formed by Kain, Climax and Badguy.

  9. CDA disband for good.

  10. Citadel Crew MP3 Division (CCMP3D) founded by Warlock.

  11. NET Act passed.

  12. As a result of the recently passed NET Act, a number of groups - including RNS - temporarily cease operations.

  13. RIAA mp3 release rules written, aiming to increase quality of rips in the scene and backed by aPC, RNS, AMOK, UMA and ATM.

  14. Council Music Group (CMG), an offshoot of Council ISO group, founded.

  15. Members of CorpMP3 move on to form Synthesis Media (SYN).

  16. The leaders of ATM restructure the group and change their name to ATM99.

  17. RipHop (rH) formed by RZ3 and AKG.

  18. ATR founded by ATG after leaving RipHop (rH).

  19. EGO founded by former aPC members.

  20. Chromance (CHR) founded by MistahWax.

  21. Synthesis Media (SYN), Backfire (BKF) and Underground SWE (uSWE) merge to form Revolution (REV).

  22. ATM99 switch back to their original name, ATM.

  23. Former ATM members create NuHS, specialising in indie, experimental and alternative music.

  24. Al_Capone retires from his role as leader of RNS.