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NFO Wars Vol. 1: RNS vs aPC


09 Apr 2012

NFO wars - feuds between groups, played out in NFO files - have existed since the early days of the scene, but became popular in the mp3 scene with the rise of pre-releases which heightened competition between groups.

One of the most famous feuds was between the groups RNS and aPC (and later EGO), from 1998 to 1999, and in this feature we've collected some of the best disputes, displayed in chronological order.

1999-02-19 - Eminem-The_Slim_Shady_LP-1999-Hydro-aPC

Ok well who else would you trust to rip the biggest most wanted album of this 
quarter of the year.. Yeah Yeah Me.. I Know You All Love Me. While Some groups
bust thier ass to put out no limits shit and dead TLC joints. I`ll just sit   
back and pick my future releases. Some say I dont have the skillz anymore but 
well Sunz Of Man and this proves I`m still at large when I want to be..       
The ID3Tags on tracks 1-4 have the wrong year (1996) and the wrong Genre (R&B)
This is due to the fact That I gotta give you smaller people a reason to dupe 
my ass when you get this..  To All Apc and My Fans, Enjoy this release..

1999-02-20 - Case-Personal_Conversation-1999-RNS

Speaking of RNS bringing it to you early, I just wanted to   
say a few words with regard to yesterday's Eminem release;   
first of all, props to the competition for coming within a   
couple hours of beating us to it.  Unfortunately, they       
didn't have the class to shut their mouths when they were    
beat; although they ranted and raved about beating us to the 
rip, it was the RNS version of Eminem that was completed on  
THEIR sites before their own rip, not to mention that our rip
was available on public sites and XDCC bots before their rip 
was even on their own distro sites.  You guys did a great    
job of humiliating yourselves -- maybe next time you will    
make sure that you actually get the rip up on your own sites 
before you start proclaiming that you "beat RNS" to it.

1999-03-17 - Nas-I_Am-1999-RNS

Okay, you know what? I'm going to speak my mind just a little
bit here because this is just ONE more release we have beat  
you to... let's see: Invisible Skratch Piklz, Nothin But The 
Bombs, Scaramanga, Black Crows, The Wiseguys, MxPx, Full     
Blooded, Lady Saw, 
Jimi Hendrix, Blondie (ouch, another promo tried to be passed
off as full retail, short by 3 tracks), Mantronix, Lisa Lisa 
& The Cult Jam; all that is just what I can recall at the    
present time.  This doesn't count all the major compilations 
or big cd singles that we've done either; that would take    
another list about the size of the one above, and you guys   
have had enough of a realization by now of who's in charge   

Now I'm not trying to say we won on every release that has   
ever come out; I do realize you pick up the scraps we leave  
behind for you guys.  That's respectable, but don't even try 
to say you own us - that's plain ridiculous.  I mean, really,
just take a very close look; front in public all you feel is 
necessary, but inside you know you're laughing yourself to   
death every time you say it... I mean, I get the joke - it is
in fact, very funny.  I laugh every time I see it, so does   
every other person in the scene, so unless you're looking to 
be a bunch of comedians, how about you stop with the jokes?

Then some of the few rippers that bother to do anything for  
your group for some reason get this idea that they're big bad
asses when they manage to get a release out before us. You   
see, you are letting some major things slip your minds; we   
sit here and release and release and release and release but 
we don't scream for all the world to hear when we manage to  
get our releases out way before the competition.  Why?       
Because it's not shocking - that's how we do things around   
here - it's not a rare occasion on which we beat you to      
releases, so we don't feel the strange need to try and bring 
attention to our group.  We're not gay like you - we're      
confident in what we do - still, we had to make this one last
exception just to make a few things very clear.  I do        
apologize for having to do this last matter of business so   
publically, but for some reason you guys really seemed to be 
believing this strange fantasy that you were, heh, better    
than us.  Hahahaha... you guys are always good for a laugh,  
thanks for being there for us!

And a few words on that stunt that was pulled earlier on D** 
with the EDTV soundtrack; included with this release is      
EDTV_OST-RNS.TXT, which is a log of what went down on said   
site yesterday; track 13 was deleted, dir was renamed & now, 
heh, you "win" on there because of it?  Nope, sorry, isn't   
going to cut it; racing releases is fine, cheating so you can
win on a site is plain fucked up, and I hope for all groups' 
sake that whoever the motherfucker is that did this is taken 
off the site, and that they are removed from the group; well,
that is, unless the group condones this kind of behaviour, in
which case I am not sure what the hell to think... anyways,  
read log, make of it what you will, but this better get      

And who are these trials doing your new releases the last few
weeks?  Do the work yourselves, don't pawn it off on trials.

1999-03-31 - Nas-I_Am-RETAIL_VERSION-1999-aPC

At the risk of having a 400k nfo file of woffle and i told you so, like certain
other groups that have nothing else better to do than edit .txt files, We bring
you the music, less the hassle.. and the RETAIL music at that, unless otherwise
stated..  So enjoy THE REAL retail version of this most wanted album..
While we release the music, we will leave the childish banter to you AL!
Ps: Enjoy The Scans of this rip to prove its authenticity..

1999-04-15 - Dogg_Pound-Dedication_(Vinyl_Single)-1999-RNS

First, an exerpt from the NFO of the APC rip of DJ Mastermind - Wup Ass 46
from a few days ago...

  Why is it that all the mix cds the cometition rips sound like AM tape rips,
  finnaly apc brings you a Mix cd which is actually a cd. From the best dj in
  all of toronto Dj mastermind. I tried to do my best with the track listings
  since everything is basically mixed in. The new tape is 90 minutes and since
  cds can only hold 74 they ded out the last track. This is the complete CD
  and all track listings are correct. For all those that say playo aka "tape
  ripper" kiss my ass. This is a cd and not a nasty 192/44 high quality am
  tape rip the so called competition released a couple of days ago. Anyways i
  dont like to write autobiographys, so final words are watch out for my next
  release cause this is the first of 2 mix cds ill be releasing within the
  next couple of days. Peace and Love to APC

I corrected the formating but didn't bother to correct this illiterate
ripper's atrocious spelling and grammar. Anyway, that's not the point.
Here's what's amusing... this rip is FROM A TAPE. Yes, that is correct -- 
the .NFO file in which this lamah chooses to bitch at RNS about rip
quality is for a MIXTAPE (which he is even so stupid as to openly claim is a
CD). Playo Gayo Tape Ripper has once again not failed to disappoint, this
time making a huge ass out of himself and his entire group. APC is pretty
gay, but even they are a bit too elite for playo gayo. Here's the words
from DJ Mastermind himself...

From: Mastermind <mastermind@globalserve.net>
Reply-To: mastermind@globalserve.net
To: "XXXXX XX" <XXXXXX@hotmail.com>
Subject: Re:
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 08:11:43 -0400

Hey Jason,
I DO NOT make CD's...These are bootlegs and you should be careful as to
what this gut sells you!!! Thanks for the tip & info, I'll look into it!

XXXXX XX wrote:

> Hey mastermind, do you make cd's? or just tapes? I found a bootleg of
> one your mixes on the internet, a guy named playo_ is claiming its off
> cd, is this true? Here is his ip address if you want to find out who
> this guy is, "" .
> ______________________________________________________
> Get Your Private, Free Email at http://www.hotmail.com  

If you don't want to take our word for it, e-mail him yourself -- he says
his e-mail address a few times on the mixTAPE that playo gayo ripped.

As for playo gayo, let me just say that you never surprise me. You were
kicked out of ZMI, you were denied by RNS despite having a pre-release in
hand (on the grounds of LAMENESS) and I suspect you will be kicked out of
APC now that you have degraded their name so badly. If it weren't you, I
might even be willing to believe you had unknowingly bought a CD bootleg
(of a tape bootleg haha) but since you like to try and pass off tape rips
as CD rips (ie Mariah Carey, lots of people who will be witness to that
one) I would guess that you were fully aware of what you were doing. As for
the rest of APC, can I just suggest you keep your little bitch ass rippers
in check... you know who runs the MP3 scene... RNS does... and you know
that every time you try to diss us you just diss yourself. Haha.

As for the remarks about RNS's mix CD rips... I'd like to say one thing.
If DJ Clue puts out a CD that sounds like crap, it's not our fault... we
will rip it, and do our best to clean it up, but DJ Clue is not an RNS
member and we cannot do anything about his sound fidelity. Likewise for any
other mix CD we rip.  What we CAN assure you of is that it will sound at
LEAST as good as the CD you buy on the streets of NYC. One thing we do NOT
do, however, is rip a tape and pretend it came from CD... we don't need to
decieve the public in order to get their support... we'll leave that to our
increasingly gay competition.


1999-08-19 - Puff_Daddy-Forever_(Explicit_Retail)-1999-RNS

RNS proudly presents the full retail version of the          
forthcoming album from Puff Daddy.  Please note that this    
is the EXPLICIT version of the album, which actually features
cursing.  A few days ago a little group attempted to create  
a name for themselves by trying to pass off a CLEAN/EDITED   
version of the album as the real thing.  What was            
particularly sad about this attempt was that no one in the   
group was even aware that it was a clean version until it    
was pointed out to them; obviously, they didn't even attempt 
a cursory examination of the album.

I guess if you're 10 years old, an edited version of an album
is cool to have.  To the morons who put out the clean        
version, and worse yet, didn't even label it as such, I have 
two things to say:                                           
  1. If you want to make a name for yourself, do it through  
     quality releases, not bullshit bootlegs and shitty ass  
     clean versions labelled as the full release.            
  2. Try at least a superficial listening to your releases   
     before you release them... you will discover that they  
     frequently a. are edited and b. sound like they were    
     recorded through a pillow.

Don't trust the imitations, rejects, and wannabes... only    
RNS consistently brings you the quality you seek and         
deserve -- THAT is why we are #1 in the MP3 scene.

1999-09-23 - Cypress_Hill-Los_Grandes_Exitos_En_Espanol-1999-aPC

and one final note to the bitch who ripped "blackout" if you knew how to rip  
in the first place we wouldnt have to fix you shit, eh? and also to who ever  
ripped that gay ass mix cd (king of cuts) and then tried to talk shit, if your
gonna talk shit at least say who you are unless your afraid of getting made   
fun of because the lame shit you rip contains material thats been out for     
months already... dont be a bitch.... and all you other dime a dozen rippers  
trying to talk shit....longevity.....

1999-05-22 Slick_Rick-The_Art_Of_Storytelling-1999-aPC

Well as you are probably aware our "friends" in RNS put out a very early vers
of this joint that was unmastered and of course unfinished.

1999-09-23 Cypress_Hill-Los_Grandes_Exitos_En_Espanol-1999-aPC

and one final note to the bitch who ripped "blackout" if you knew how to rip 
in the first place we wouldnt have to fix you shit, eh? and also to who ever 
ripped that gay ass mix cd (king of cuts) and then tried to talk shit, if your
gonna talk shit at least say who you are unless your afraid of getting made 
fun of because the lame shit you rip contains material thats been out for
months already... dont be a bitch.... and all you other dime a dozen rippers 
trying to talk shit....longevity.....

1999-09-25 - Lost_Boyz-Lb_IV_Life_(Retail)-1999-aPC

Ok, Well yeah we all know BootLegs R' Us (formaly known as rns) ripped a very
bad taperip (if it wasnt it sure sounded like it) So its upto me to bring you
the FULL shit in CD quality. I mean damn, I can produce more bass with my ass
than a rns rip puts out.

Hey guys, I know those rips you do sound ok through your pc internal speaker 
but to the rest of the world who has money to buy a decent sound system, they
sound worse than your momma's on Friday night at their local S&M joint..     
"Spank me Hydster Spank me like never before"                  - The Hydster

1999-09-27 - Donnell_Jones-Where_I_Wanna_Be-1999-aPC

To all the kid`s in RNS that have started dissing aPC in nfo`s again. Instead
 of putting time and effort into bullshitting about aPC maybe you should put 
   the time into ripping decent non (tape quality) bootleg rap/rnb albums.

I mean shit I can say what I Like in nfos cos my releases TALK VOLUMES if you
shutup about aPC in your nfo`s then so will we (about rns) cos i mean shit   
lets face it, the public see more apc nfo`s cos we put out ten fold what you 
do.. But lets not forget those pop music compilations from 1995.. -> Ph33R <-

1999-10-26 - Rascalz-gametime_sharpshooter_cd_single-1999-apc

Sabrefuck, try and get your facts straight next time you dumbass illterate    
motherfucker. The Helraiser aint got a Mrs. Helraiser you dumb fuck! So how   
the hell did you cum on her face? oh yeah,... how can a girlfriend also be a  
Mrs. dumbass? Then again, i think i know who you're talking about, YO MOMMA!

Yup,... for the price of $20 bling bling, y'all can have Sabreguy's momma!    
And that is the word from that bitch herself. See, she came to me last teusday
after reading what Sabrefuck said about aPC and it's members and she was like 
"Helraiser, I am really sorry about the actions of my son and i will do       
ANYTHING to make it up to you." So I was like "Well BITCH, first of all you   
and I will take a stroll down my street where you will take care of anything  
male!" And she was like "Yessa Massa" and I'm thinking fuck this bitch sure   
knows how to make things right.

Bottom line, I've got Sabrefuck's momma in my doggy kennel outside muh crib,  
all nekkid 'n shit. Feel free to come poke her with whatever you can find!

Yes Sabrefuck, she didn't do groceries last week because she was <ahem>       
pre-occupied, shall we say?! :)

Fool you gotta be the dumbest motherfucker out there you know?! Hitting tha   
honeyz cuz any brother out there will bitshslap yer punk ass till you cry     
"NO MORE" and then we'll feed you to the sisters who will, well, just smack   
you silly! Anyways, thas all I gotta say in this "Response to Sabrefuck"

This cd single aint all that bad,... and then again, it aint all that good    
is why y'all had to endure that crap between gaysabre and I.

On a final note, Sabrefuck, i'll let yo momma loose in the 2000. You can find 
her on the stroll all nekkid, but heavenly satisfied!

Aint no shoutouts coming in this rip cuz well, who really wants to have their 
names mentioned in the same place with Sabreguy aka Sabrefuck aka Gaysabre aka
motherfuckingdickwad aka daddy'sbitch aka ThaBitch ???

1999-10-28 - Dr._Dre-2001-1999-RNS

The first of many shots at EGO (created by former aPC members) by RNS.

To our friends in other groups who have felt compelled to  
disband, unable to deal with the iron fist that is RNS, our
warmest wishes to you in whatever ventures you may pursue. 
To those hoping to create an MP3 supergroup, may I remind  
you, one already exists... we call it RNS.  While we herald
the existence of a new group of friends interested in      
cooperation rather than competition, we also hope they     
haven't lost touch with reality.
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