Frontnet Audio Group (FAG)

Active from 1996 — 2000

"FrontNet is a network of friends that has been active for a little less than a decade. We went into the MP3 scene in October 1996. Some of us have a very deep-rooted interest in the JAMS/KLF/KF and their music. We are completely awed by the excellence of layer 3 audio and soon knew that we had to put the definite archive together.

"The MP3 scene is still plagued by not-so-good sound quality releases. The FrontNet Audio Group’s policy is to not release anything less than perfect. The reasons for inferior quality is mainly due to two things, i) not using a perfect digital copy of a CD original, and ii) encoding without the High Quality switch or with a bitrate setting below 128kb/s. We just want you to be aware that this is never the case with FrontNet releases."