Artist                          Album                                   CDR #        Public
311				Abducted 8-21-96			Disc 36
311				Creater Club 10-xx-94			Disc 36
311				Get Bombed 12-11-96			Disc 36
311				Kind					Disc 24
311 				Overloaded				Disc 36
311				Spaced Out				Disc 36
Aerosmith			Woodstock 94				Disc 35
Alice In Chains			Bleeding Freeks				Disc 26
Alice In Chains 		Heroin					Disc 40
Alice In Chains                 Live and Unchained                      Disc 21
Alice In Chains 		The World is in Chains			Disc 23
Allman Brothers 		3rd Set Austin City Limits     		Disc 6
Allman Brothers                 All Or Nothing                          Disc 15
Allman Brothers			When They Are Gone They are Gone	Disc 23
Bad Religion                    Tested                                  Disc 15
Beastie Boys                    Seven Day Weekend			Disc 18
Beatles                         David Frost Show London UK              Disc 15
Beatles                         Hamburg Germany 1962-12-25              Disc 15
Beatles                         Jammin With Heather                     Disc 15
Beatles                         Jelly Beans Hailing In Dreamlike Noise  Disc 15
Beatles 			More Sweet Apples			Disc 32
Beatles                         Solo In The70s                          Disc 21
Beatles                         Unsurpassed Demos                       Disc 15
Beatles				Unsurpassed Masters Vol 4		Disc 29
Beatles				Unsurpassed Masters Vol 6		Disc 29
Beatles                         Volume 4 Yesterday                      Disc 21
Beatles                         White Album Demos Mono                  Disc 15
Beck                            Day Dreamer                             Disc 2
Beck				Electric Music For The Kool People	Disc 18
Billy Joel 			Welcome To The Show			Disc 33
Birth of Ignorance 		Birth of Ignorance			Disc 18
Bjork 				Live at the Warehouse			Disc 18
Black Crowes 			High Head Blues				Disc 29
Black Crowes			Newport 92				Disc 18
Black Crowes                    Out Of The Nest                         Disc 7
Black Crowes                    Stare It Cold                           Disc 15         X
Black Crowes 			Sunflower CD1				Disc 18				
Black Crowes 			Sunflower CD2				Disc 18
Black Crowes 			The Halloween Secret			Disc 18
Black Crowes 			Unwired					Disc 18
Black Sabbath                   Return To 1969                          Disc 15
Bob Marley                      1971 Live In Studio                     Disc 21
Bob Marley                      Ever Fearful Ever Sure                  Disc 15
Bob Marley                      Roxy LA California 1976                 Disc 16
Bob Marley 			Songs of Freedom 4 disc set		Disc 33
Bob Marley                      Zimbabwe                                Disc 16
Bruce Springsteen 		Darkness Mixes				Disc 28
Bruce Willis			Return of Bruno				Disc 41
Bush 				Brother Zens Diner			Disc 36
Candlebox 			Both Ends Burning			Disc 38
Cannibal Corpse 		Monolith of Death			Disc 23
CCR				Last Exit				Disc 27
Counting Crows                  Suddenly Beautiful                      Disc 16
Counting Crows                  Thievish Magpie                         Disc 6  
Counting Crows			Live 02/3/94				Disc 18
Counting Crows			Unplugged				Disc 18
Creed 				My Own Prison Acoustic Single		Disc 29
Dave Matthews Band              Band Eat Drink And Be Merry             Disc 7
Dave Matthews Band              House Of Blues                          Disc 16
Dave Matthews Band              Jimi Thing                              Disc 1
Dave Matthews Band              Live at Ziggys                          Disc 1
Dave Matthews Band              Virginia Tech 02-06-97                  Disc 10
David Bowie                     Live from the 10 Spot                   Disc 16
David Bowie                     Madison Square Gardens                  Disc 6
Deep Purple 			Live in Stockholm 1970			Disc 29
Doors                           Live In Stockholm 1968                  Disc 21
Doors 				Opening	the Doors of Perception		Disc 40
Doors				The Lizard King Vol 2			Disc 30
Doors                           The Matrix San Fransisco CA USA         Disc 7
Doors				Unauthorized Live Vol 2			Disc 41
Downset                         Anger promo                             Disc 5
Downset                         Downset & Some Live Tracks              Disc 5
Elton John			1973 Hammersmith Odeon			Disc 27
Eric Clapton 			Another Page				Disc 27
Eric Clapton                    Nothing But The Blues                   Disc 16
Everclear			House of Blues Orlando			Disc 35
Faith No More			Phoenix Rising				Disc 23
Fear Factory 			(Unknown Title)				Disc 40
Foo Fighters                    Enter The Dragon                        Disc 16
Foo Fighters 			Frenzy!					Disc 39
Foo Fighters 			Naughty or Nice				Disc 39
Garbage 			Bin Raiders vol2			Disc 24
Garbage				Garbage					Disc 36
Gentle Giant 			Out of the Woods bbc			Disc 33
Gentle Giant			Under Construction			Disc 31
Grateful Dead                   Jazz for Allah                          Disc 21
Greenday                        Live at Woodstock 94                    Disc 5
Guns and Roses			Bad Obsession				Disc 38
Guns and Roses                  Live with Fred Curry                    Disc 16
Guns and Roses                  Make My Day                             Disc 16
Guns and Roses                  Shattered Illusion                      Disc 17
Guns and Roses			Slash Give Me A Intro			Disc 38
Izzy Stradlin			Guns Without Roses			Disc 41
James Taylor                    1970 Marthas Vineyard                   Disc 21
Janes Addiction                 Abdication                              Disc 2          X
Janes Addiction                 Live and Insane                         Disc 2          X
Janes Addiction                 Live and Rare Import                    Disc 1
Janis Joplin                    Joplin in Concert (com.)                Disc 7
Janis Joplin 			TX Intl. Pop Festival			Disc 28
Jethro Tull 			Hammersmith 84				Disc 31
Jewel                           DDDelight                               Disc 6
Jewel                           Everyday Angel                          Disc 6
Jewel                           Intimate and Interactive                Disc 6
Jewel 				Live from Stockholm			Disc 31
Jewel				Radio Woodstock Tinker Street		Disc 32
Jimi Hendrix 			At Home					Disc 28
Jimi Hendrix 			First Rays of the New Rising Sun	Disc 28
Jimi Hendrix                    Last American Concert Vol 1             Disc 17
Jimi Hendrix                    Last American Concert Vol 2             Disc 17
Jimi Hendrix                    The Last Experience                     Disc 2
Jimi Hendrix                    Wizards Visions                         Disc 17
Jimi Hendrix 			Woodstock				Disc 28
Jimmy Buffett			Cocktails At Sunrise			Disc 30
John Lennon                     Clock                                   Disc 17 / Disc 30
John Lennon 			I Found Out				Disc 34
John Fogerty 			Rockslide 97				Disc 34
John Valby (aka Dr Dirty)	Butts Up Doc                            Disc 22
John Valby (aka Dr Dirty)	Jingle Balls                            Disc 22
John Valby (aka Dr Dirty)	Double D CD (com.)                      Disc 17
Kansas  			Two For The Show			Disc 29
Kenny Wayne 			Shepherd Multiplicity			Disc 26
KMFDM vs. Pig                   self entitled Import                    Disc 8
Korn 				Heart of Darkness			Disc 23
Korn                            Kornography                             Disc 5
Korn                            Twisted                                 Disc 22
Led Zeppelin                    1st April A Paris Affair                Disc 17
Led Zeppelin                    Chris Grants Tasty Pop Sundae           Disc 10
Led Zeppelin                    Cleveland Ohio USA                      Disc 10
Led Zeppelin                    Dallas 1973                             Disc 17
Led Zeppelin                    Frankfurt 1980                          Disc 17
Led Zeppelin			Live in Paris				Disc 23
Led_Zeppelin			Live On Blueberry Hill Part1		Disc 32
Led Zeppelin                    Lost Horizon                            Disc 10
Led Zeppelin                    Shenandoah                              Disc 17
Led Zeppelin                    Silver Coated Rails                     Disc 10
Led Zeppelin                    Songs From The Vaults                   Disc 8
Led Zeppelin                    The Complete Tapes Volume 2             Disc 22
Led Zeppelin                    Through The Years                       Disc 22
Led Zeppelin                    Uncensored                              Disc 8
Led_Zeppelin			Uncensored Disk 4			Disc 33
Led_Zeppelin			Uncensored Disk 5			Disc 33
Led Zeppelin                    Zeppelin Plays Pure Blues               Disc 22
Lenny Kravtiz                   Let Love Rule                           Disc 17
Live                            Live in 94 (KTS)                        Disc 2
Live				in New York City			Disc 28
Live				Rattlesnake				Disc 26
Lusk                            Free Mars (promo)                       Disc 17
Lynryd Skynyrd                  Live In Cardif Wales 1976               Disc 17
Lynyrd Skynyrd 			The Last Flight				Disc 26
Machine Head 			Burning heads				Disc 23
Madonna                         Live Vol 2                              Disc 21
Mad Season			Live At The Moore			Disc 32
Marilyn Manson			Angel of Decay				Disc 23
Marilyn Manson                  Crucifixtion                            Disc 2  
Marilyn Manson                  Dark Adventures                         Disc 1          X
Marilyn Manson                  Dead In Chicago                         Disc 2  
Marilyn Manson                  Demos and Remixes                       Disc 9
Marilyn Manson                  Demos in My Lunchbox Vol 1              Disc 12
Marilyn Manson			Dutch Dynamo				Disc 24
Marilyn Manson                  Kill Your Idols                         Disc 12
Marilyn Manson 			Man That You Fear			Disc 31
Marilyn Manson                  Rusty Lunch Box                         Disc 5
Marilyn Manson                  Selena's True Killers                   Disc 13
Marilyn Manson			Sucked My Own Dick			Disc 23
Marilyn Manson                  Urination                               Disc 12
Marilyn Manson			Where Evil Dwells			Disc 23
Marilyn Manson                  White Trash Vol 3                       Disc 12
Matchbox 20 			666 AM					Disc 32
Matchbox 20 			Varsity Theater Baton Rouge LA 08-27-97 Disc 32
Medeski Martin and Wood         Bubble House                            Disc 2
Megadeth			Countdown Tour Live			Disc 24
Megadeth			Megabox					Disc 39
Melissa Etheridge 		No More Secrets				Disc 27
Melissa Etheridge 		Unplugged And More 			Disc 36
Metallica                       April 14th 1989 in Halifax Nova Scotia  Disc 17
Metallica                       Beyond the Wall of Sound                Disc 21
Metallica			Binge Purge and Live Shit		Disc 24
Metallica                       Covering 'Em                            Disc 11
Metallica			Death					Disc 24
Metallica                       Destroyer                               Disc 11
Metallica			Devils Dance				Disc 24
Metallica			Dont Call Us				Disc 27
Metallica                       Europe 1987                             Disc 11
Metallica                       Europe 1993                             Disc 11
Metallica			Fan Club number 2			Disc 27
Metallica			Garage Days and More			Disc 27
Metallica                       Garage Days Revisted                    Disc 11 
Metallica                       Live At Blindman's Ball                 Disc 21
Metallica                       Live at Slims                           Disc 10
Metallica                       Live Before Death                       Disc 11
Metallica			Live Shit Seattle			Disc 34
Metallica                       Load Studio Demos                       Disc 5
Metallica			Moline, IL 2-5-97			Disc 25
Metallica			Oslo Overload				Disc 25
Metallica			Reload Demos and SNL			Disc 31
Metallica			Stuttgart Gig August97			Disc 34
Metallica			Sucking my love				Disc 41
Metallica			Tearing Out Your Insides		Disc 25
Metallica			Winnepeg 86				Disc 41
Metallica                       Woodstock 1994                          Disc 11
Ministry			Burning Brains				Disc 25
Ministry			Sphinctour 1996				Disc 35
Ministry			Trip to Hell				Disc 35
Moody Blues                     Caught Live December 12 1969 (com.)     Disc 8
MTV Music Awards                1997                                    Disc 8
Neil Young 			Early Harvest				Disc 28
Nine Inch Nails			A Thousand Pleasures			Disc 24
Nine Inch Nails			Blue Lies				Disc 25		X
Nine Inch Nails                 Children of the Night                   Disc 2          X
Nine Inch Nails                 Coming Down Fast                        Disc 12
Nine Inch Nails			Crossed Nails				Disc 25
Nine Inch Nails                 Demos and Remixes                       Disc 1
Nine Inch Nails                 Disturbed Interview                     Disc 7
Nine Inch Nails                 Filthy Fucking Pigs                     Disc 2
Nine Inch Nails                 Hole in Your Head                       Disc 12
Nine Inch Nails			I Feel Evil 				Disc 41
Nine Inch Nails			Live from Boston			Disc 41
Nine Inch Nails                 London 1994                             Disc 8
Nine Inch Nails                 Manson's Revenge                        Disc 12
Nine Inch Nails                 Missletwister                           Disc 21
Nine Inch Nails                 Nails in My Head                        Disc 12 
Nine Inch Nails                 Purest Feeling                          Disc 1          X
Nine Inch Nails                 Rusty Nails                             Disc 7
Nine Inch Nails                 Rusty Nails II                          Disc 7
Nine Inch Nails			Show Up or Throw Up			Disc 25
Nine Inch Nails			Slaves					Disc 41
Nine Inch Nails                 Solid Gold Hell                         Disc 12
Nine Inch Nails                 When the Whip Comes Down                Disc 2          X
Nirvana                         Before and After                        Disc 9
Nirvana                         Christmas in Seattle 1988               Disc 14
Nirvana                         Greatest Hits Live And Rare Assorities  Disc 14
Nirvana				Kurts Grande Finale			Disc 38
Nirvana                         Live in Roma Italy                      Disc 14/Disc 40
Nirvana                         Live_In_Japan                           Disc 14
Nirvana				New Years Eve				Disc 38
Nirvana                         Out of the Blew                         Disc 14
Nirvana				Outcesticide 2				Disc 34
Nirvana				Outcesticide 6				Disc 34
Nirvana				Playing at the Moon			Disc 40
Nirvana                         Rare Vrious Collection                  Disc 6
Nirvana				Trick or Treat				Disc 26
NOFX				Together on the Road			Disc 27
Oasis				The Metro Chicago 1994			Disc 31
Oasis				Undrugged				Disc 41
Oasis 				You've Got To Hide Your Love Away	Disc 26
Ozzy                            Ozzfest Live 1996 (com.)                Disc 9
Pantera                         Official Live-101 Proof  (com.)         Disc 5
Paul McCartney 			The Arizona Sound Checks		Disc 28
Paul McCartney & Wings  	One Hand Clapping			Disc 26
Pearl Jam                       Against                                 Disc 14/Disc 30	X
Pearl Jam                       Atlanta 1994-04-03                      Disc 3
Pearl Jam			Evolution 1985-1993			Disc 37
Pearl Jam                       Flashpoint                              Disc 14
Pearl Jam                       Hallucinogenic Recipe 5 CD Set          Disc 3
Pearl Jam                       Long Road CD1                           Disc 20
Pearl Jam                       Long Road CD2                           Disc 20
Pearl Jam                       Maryland 1996-09-24                     Disc 3
Pearl Jam			Maui 02-20-98				Disc 37
Pearl Jam                       Melbourne 1995-04-17                    Disc 3
Pearl Jam			Missoula 02-08-95			Disc 37
Pearl Jam                       MTV Unplugged 1992-03-16 (air)          Disc 5
Pearl Jam                       Newcastle 02-22-1992                    Disc 14
Pearl Jam                       No Messin Fucka                         Disc 5
Pearl Jam                       Seattle 9-16-96                         Disc 14
Pearl Jam                       Self Pollution Radio                    Disc 4
Pearl Jam 			Shoreline Ampitheater 10-20-96		Disc 34
Pearl Jam                       Small Club                              Disc 4
Pearl Jam			The Catalyst Santa Cruz, CA 11-12-97	Disc 41
Pearl Jam			Zurich Switzerland			Disc 37
Pearl Jam /w Neil Young         Golden Gate 24-06-95 CD 1               Disc 5
Pearl Jam /w Neil Young         Golden Gate 24-06-95 CD 2               Disc 14
Phish                           Jam Session                             Disc 5
Phish 				Atlanta,GA 7-23-97 Lakewood Ampitheatre	Disc 40
Phish				Portland,ME 12-11-95			Disc 37
Pink Floyd			Abdabs					Disc 19
Pink Floyd                      Black Glass 1970                        Disc 9
Pink Floyd			Boston Gardens 1975			Disc 30
Pink Floyd                      British Winter Tour '74                 Disc 16
Pink Floyd			Dark Side of the Moon Trance Remixes	Disc 19
Pink Floyd 			Eclipse					Disc 32
Pink Floyd 	 		Green Is The Colour 1969		Disc 28
Pink Floyd 			Mad for Fucking Years			Disc 32
Pink Floyd			Money					Disc 19
Pink Floyd 			Pandoras Box				Disc 37
Pink Floyd			Rarities				Disc 19
Primus				Red Rocks				Disc 26
Prodigy				Live in Oslo Norway 1996		Disc 33
Prodigy                         Pyromaniac                              Disc 7
Queen                           Live at Wembley                         Disc 7
Quireboys 	 		Live Compact Disk			Disc 26
Radiohead			Live in NYC				Disc 28
Rage Against The Machine        Bombtrack Pinkpop Ed. Import            Disc 1          X
Rage Against The Machine        Fuck the Administration                 Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine	Ghost Of Tom Joad EURO single		Disc 26
Rage Against The Machine        Going into Action                       Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine        In Your Head                            Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine        Live and Rare Import                    Disc 13         X
Rage Against The Machine        Live in Holland                         Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine        Mind the Magic                          Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine        Revolution                              Disc 1
Rage Against The Machine        Studio Demos                            Disc 1
Rage Against The Machine        The Killing Zone                        Disc 20
Rage Against The Machine        Tibet                                   Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine        Wake Up                                 Disc 13
Rage Against The Machine	Whos on First				Disc 27
Red Hot Chili Peppers           Dirty Weekend	                        Disc 4
REM 				Hitting The Note			Disc 34
REM 				This Is It				Disc 29
REM				Zeche Bochum 1985			Disc 35
Ringo Starr 			Live Volume-1				Disc 29
Rolling Stones  		Starfuckers				Disc 28
Santana  			Live In Montreal			Disc 28
Sarah McLachlan                 Discontinued Live                       Disc 20
Sarah McLachlan 		Pressing up against the glass		Disc 39
Sarah McLachlan 		Raleigh 97				Disc 39
Sarah Mclachlan                 Uplugged And More                       Disc 6
Sepultura			Chaos in the jungle			Disc 39
Sepultura			Live 96 Stockholm			Disc 39
Silverchair                     Stomping Ground		                Disc 4
Silverchair                     Live in Milwaukee                       Disc 10
Sister 7 			Acoustic_Dreams				Disc 39
Sisters Of Mercy 		Electric Live				Disc 35
Smashing Pumpkins 		Great Performances			Disc 32
Smashing Pumpkins               Mayonaise Dream                         Disc 5          X
Smashing Pumpkins 		Virgins					Disc 35
Sonic Youth                     Starpower                               Disc 20
Soul Miners Daughter 		40 watt (11.07.97)			Disc 40
SoundGarden			Austin 96				Disc 37
SoundGarden			Blow Up The Outside			Disc 31
SoundGarden			Full On Kevin's Mom			Disc 40
SoundGarden 			Mind Riot				Disc 28
SoundGarden			Stolen Prayers				Disc 40
Spawn Soundtrack                Soundtrack                              Disc 1          X
Spin Doctors 			Hey Spin On This			Disc 36
Steely Dan                      The Record Plant LA 1974                Disc 20 /Disc 40
Stevie Ray Vaughn               Live In Seattle 1985                    Disc 9
Sting                           Walking on the Moon                     Disc 20
Stone Temple Pilots		Close Your Eyes				Disc 39
Stone Temple Pilots		Europe USA 1993				Disc 31
Stone Temple Pilots		Temple of Darkness			Disc 36
The Bolshoi 			Bigger Giants				Disc 29
The Cult                        Marquee Club                            Disc 10
The Cure                        A L Olympia                             Disc 9
The Jeff Healy Band             Live At Electric Ladyland               Disc 20
The Mission 			Gods Own Medicine			Disc 30
The Sound 			from the Lions Mouth			Disc 29
The Tragically Hip 		Greatest Live Hits Volume I		Disc 38
The Tragically Hip 		Greatest Live Hits Volume II		Disc 38
The Who 			Maximum BBC				Disc 34
Tom Petty                       Breakdown 1978                          Disc 8
Tool                            91 Demos                                Disc 13
Tool				Astoria					Disc 41
Tool                            Deserted                                Disc 13
Tool                            Dirge                                   Disc 20
Tool				My Third Eye				Disc 30
Tool                            Opium Den                               Disc 20
Tool                            Shepards Bush                           Disc 20/Disc 29
Tool                            Stynkfyst                               Disc 12
Tool				Stinkfysted				Disc 32
Tool                            Tales From The Darkside                 Disc 8 
Tori Amos 			Mixed Up Girl				Disc 31
Tori Amos 			Covering Em				Disc 29
Tori Amos 			Little Rare II         			Disc 26
Tori Amos                       Somewhere Over The Rainbow              Disc 6
Type O Negative                 Blood Brothers                          Disc 9
U2				Four Wild Irish Roses			Disc 32
U2                              Heartbeat                               Disc 8
U2				Pop Mart Sarajevo 9-23-97		Disc 30
U2 				Street Mission				Disc 38
(Various)			Metal Militia Metallica Tribute		Disc 41
(Various)			Metal Militia 2				Disc 39
Violent Femmes 			Westwood One				Disc 29
Weezer                          American Holiday                        Disc 10
White Zombie 			Apocalypse Now				Disc 39
White Zombie                    Greasy Junkies                          Disc 5
White Zombie 			Kicking In Heavens Door			Disc 39
White Zombie 			Make Them Die Slowly			Disc 27
Wings				Live in Newcastle 1973			Disc 30
Wings 				Studio Outtakes March October 1972	Disc 32

updated: 04-23-98

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