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Notice: Currently we are so backed up with applications. If you are chosen, you will be notified in 3 to 4 weeks.
We are currently only accepting recording suppliers with over 50 recordings on DAT, CD, MiniDisc and can provide a listing of them.

Section One
Who are you...

iRC Nick: 	

E-Mail Address:

Other Aliases:


iRC Channels Frequented:

iRC Channels Op'd:

Cumalitive Time on iRC:

Year(s) Month(s) Give Any References on iRC:

What is your most used internet connection speed:
T1+ ASDL Cable ISDN Modem

Section Two

What you have, do, and can do...
---Music Collection Questions---- Approximently how many live/rare recordings do you own:

What media format are most of your recordings on:
CD DAT MiniDisc Analog Cassette Vinyl Do you trade recordings frequently: Yes No
Do you have a CDR: Yes No
URL of Webpage with Recording List:

---Site Op Questions--- Do you run a Site? Yes No
What type of Site:
Freeware/Shareware MP3 Warez Give Any Specifications on the Site:

---Courier Questions--- Do you have a T1+ shell: Yes No
How many shells do you have access to:

Can you run XDCC Bots: Yes No
What script do you use for XDCC Bots: